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Syria Emergency


Six years of war. 5 million Syrian refugees.


This is the largest humanitarian emergency of our era.


Please help TODAY.



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can buy an Emergency Assistance Package to give a family the essentials for survival and shelter.


can sink a well, providing safe drinking water for refugee families in a camp.


can supply vaccinations to safeguard refugee children against diseases such as measles and polio.

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Human lives, Human rights

Far too often, the humanity of refugees and asylum-seekers is ignored or forgotten.

Forced displacement worldwide at its highest in decades

UNHCR's annual Global Trends report says an unprecedented 65.6 million people were uprooted from their homes by conflict and persecution at the end of 2016.

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Refugee participation seen as key to comprehensive response

Annual talks between UNHCR and NGOs conclude with call to allow refugees to become self-reliant.

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