Gerard Moya Anton
Senior Supply Officer
Duty Station: Budapest, Hungary

“I think that proposals for innovation development should respond to an innovation pressure that offices or regions would have in common and should lead to brand new solutions, therefore resulting in a clear benefit to the beneficiaries. In other words, being at the innovative edge to tackle the clear needs of the beneficiaries.”

Gerard is a Spanish national working for UNHCR’s Supply section in Budapest. Prior to joining UNHCR, Gerard worked for two other United Nations agencies. He focuses on IT and makes data visualizations in his spare time.

Project: Rethinking UNHCR Supply and Procurement

Gerard is currently working with Stanyslas Matayo on this project. This project will modernize UNHCR’s Supply and Procurement processes through the use of mobile devices, better use of data, and redesigned systems. The system will support emergency needs and complement the Global Stock Management system, or GSM, in providing Core Relief Items to persons of concern. The goal of this project is to create an SMS reporting system for each warehouse location to monitor the current stock of Core Relief Items (such as shortage, excess of stock, quality issues, obsoleteness, etc), through updating the database or informing the supply officers. This data collection process using mobile phones, short message service (SMS), and a computer based system will be piloted in two warehouse locations in South Sudan.