Research and Communications

What we know about innovation shapes how we practice it.

UNHCR’s Innovation Service aims to build and communicate a nuanced, accessible, and actionable understanding of innovation, to ensure UNHCR colleagues and the wider humanitarian sector are empowered to find new ways of addressing tough challenges.

Our Research initiatives explore innovation as a product of social, economic, and political structures. We partner with research institutions to pursue research projects that deepen or challenge the current understanding of humanitarian innovation, enabling us to stay abreast of emergent trends and practices in the field. 

Meanwhile, our Strategic Communications workstream helps UNHCR colleagues to see themselves as innovators and embrace innovation as a way to creatively solve complex problems. By innovating in the way we communicate, we also reshape the narrative on refugees, displacement, and humanitarianism.

Latest research publications

Our research projects span a wide range of thematics. They generate new insights into the challenges facing UNHCR and the people we serve – and shine light on innovative tools and methods to address these challenges. See some of our most recent publications below.


Latest news

The Strategic Communications team collaborates with colleagues and communities to document the ways we work together to generate new insights on innovation and to implement projects that create lasting positive change.

See some of our latest stories below. For more, visit our blog and follow us on X.

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Archival material and further details on the approaches and outputs of our Research and Communications workstreams can be found here: