Innovation Learning

Investing in people dedicated to finding new ways of more effectively delivering UNHCR’s mandate.

Through our Innovation Learning programmes, we invest in people dedicated to finding new ways of more effectively delivering UNHCR’s mandate.

With initiatives like the UNHCR Innovation Fellowship, which has upskilled hundreds of UNHCR colleagues and members of partner organizations over the past decade, as well as the Innovation Alumni Network, which provides the infrastructure for a flourishing global community of people working for positive change, Innovation Learning brings a nonlinear, iterative, fun and collaborative approach to the innovation process.

We know innovation doesn’t happen in isolation – so, the Innovation Learning team proactively seeks out ways to build connections among colleagues and other innovation ecosystems. Together, we work to find new solutions to complex challenges facing UNHCR and the communities we work with and for.

UNHCR Innovation Fellowship

The annual Innovation Fellowship builds the innovation skills and competencies of people from both within and outside the UNHCR community, making innovation understandable, accessible, and applicable to our everyday work. 

The Fellowship is run by the Innovation Service alongside UNHCR’s Global Learning and Development Centre.

    UNHCR Innovation Alumni Network

    We continue to learn with and from alumni of the Innovation Fellowship and other Learning programmes on an ongoing basis, with the help of the Innovation Alumni Network.

    Through regular online events – ranging from informal meetups to sessions where guest speakers explore particular aspects of innovation – we build a global community of like-minded colleagues and humanitarian practitioners who are working toward new ways of solving tough problems. 

    While the Innovation Alumni Network is open only to alumni of Innovation Learning programmes, some of the Network’s events are open to the public. Sign up via the form below to hear about those opportunities, or to let us know if you think you’re eligible to join the Network.

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