Mariann Urban
IT Assistant
Duty Station: Budapest, Hungary

Mariann has been working as an IT Assistant in Budapest since 2012. In 2013, she took part in a Hackathon in Haiti named “From Local Solutions to National Systems”, addressing gender-based violence and hosted by Digital Democracy. Prior to joining UNHCR, Mariann worked as an IT teacher for several years.

Project: Asylum Support Map

Mariann is currently working with Markus Kainradl on the Asylum Support Map. In 2013, approximately 17,000 persons applied for international protection in Austria, seeking not only protection status, but also other forms of support. Several local non-profit initiatives have developed in order to respond to their needs, but information on them is still limited and may not reach arriving refugees and asylum seekers. The project aims to support the creation of a user-friendly interactive map outlining all available support services offered in Austria. Participating organizations will be invited to feature the Asylum Support Map on their social media platforms and website, enabling a greater exchange of information between organizations and refugee/asylum seeker communities.