Rebecca Kitcher
Field Associate
Duty Station: Takoradi, Ghana

“Innovation means coming up with a new idea, or introducing a new discovery that will bring about positive change. It has to do with creativity and delving into new areas. Innovation is important to me because it gives refugees alternatives; it gives them their identity and the dignity and self-respect that go with it.”

Rebecca works as a Field Associate in three refugee camps in Ghana: Ampain and Krisan, in the Western Region, and Egyeikrom in the Central region. In total, there are approximately 8,000 people in the three camps, and she is the focal point for health related issues, as well as the focal point for Krisan camp itself. Prior to joining UNHCR, Rebecca worked for the GRATIS Foundation, where she provided skills training to over 5,000 women in Ghana.

Project: Social Development Information Center in Ghana

Rebecca aims to set up a livelihoods “Help Desk” to assist refugees, new arrivals and other persons of concern in accessing information on livelihoods and financial support services (such as rural banking facilities) in the local community. The information will help them decide what services to engage to start an income generating activity. The information center will initially be established first in Krisan camp, with later expansion to Ampain and Egyeikrom camps.

The Help Desk will be able to provide user-friendly services for business start-ups, as well as information on existing feasible businesses in the area. For this purpose, data collection and analysis on all existing businesses in the camp community, as well as host community, is crucial. Banking facilities willing to do business with camp members, existing businesses in the host community willing to receive apprentices and serve as business incubators, as well as engaged volunteers also play an essential role in the expansion of this project.