Stanyslas Matayo
Associate Data Management Officer
Duty Station: Cairo, Egypt

Stanyslas is an Associate Data Manager currently based in Cairo, Egypt. In 2012, he won the Duke’s Choice Award for his innovative Level One project, a UNHCR Emergency registration system which captures information on the first level detail of refugees in emergency contexts. The application has been used in Niger to register information about families in emergency contexts.

Project: Project I-Cloud

When implementing a project or a new strategy, UNHCR often works together with partners from various backgrounds and representing different interests. These stakeholders, along with the local populations play key roles in achieving the results set. This project proposes the creation of an application responsible for linking implementation details with the strategic framework.

The app will have the following components:

  1. I-Strategy Cloud collection (which will collect data on vulnerabilities through mobileapplication partners, and data on complaints and positive feedback through mobile SMS).
  2. I-Strategy Cloud Master Data (which will manage data coming from the existing UNHCR Data source and operational data).
  3. I-Strategy Cloud Search and I-Strategy Cloud Visualization.

Project: Rethinking UNHCR Supply and Procurement

Stanyslas is currently working with Gerard on this project. This project will modernize UNHCR’s Supply and Procurement processes through the use of mobile devices, better use of data, and redesigned systems. The system will support emergency needs and complement the Global Stock Management system, or GSM, in providing Core Relief Items to persons of concern. The goal of this project is to create an SMS reporting system for each warehouse location to monitor the current stock of Core Relief Items (such as shortage, excess of stock, quality issues, obsoleteness, etc), through updating the database or informing the supply officers. This data collection process using mobile phones, short message service (SMS), and a computer based system will be piloted in two warehouse locations in South Sudan.