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Moyens de faire un don

Vous avez plusieurs moyens d’aider le HCR à protéger les personnes forcées de fuir.

Merci de penser à faire un don ou à prévoir un don dans votre testament. Vous contribuerez à rendre le monde plus accueillant pour les personnes forcées de fuir.
Un enfant attrape la casquette bleue d’une employée du HCR

In the first four weeks of the crisis, around 200,000 refugees and returnees fled the country while another 700,000 people were displaced inside Sudan.  

Egypt has received the largest number of people, followed by Chad, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Ethiopia. In South Sudan, those arriving are mainly returning nationals who had been living in Sudan as refugees.

Without a resolution to the crisis, many hundreds of thousands more people will be forced to flee in search of safety and basic assistance. UNHCR and its partners estimate that the number of refugees and returnees could reach 860,000 by October.