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Other meetings

In addition to the annual ExCom plenary session and Standing Committee meetings, informal consultative meetings of the Standing Committee are held throughout the year. There are also informal preparatory consultations for ExCom members to prepare conclusions on international protection and decisions for the plenary session.

Informal Preparatory Consultations

Conclusions and decisions to be presented to the ExCom plenary for adoption are prepared in a series of informal preparatory consultations chaired by the Executive Committee Rapporteur. These meetings are open to members only, although new arrangements have been put in place to allow non-state observers to comment on issues which are under consideration.

Informal Consultative Meetings of the Standing Committee

The ExCom Chairperson may call for informal consultative meetings on topics requiring in-depth discussion. Consultations, involving ExCom members and Standing Committee observers, have in recent years covered topics such as management and organizational reform, international protection, UNHCR’s budget structure, the agency’s role in operations for internally displaced people, UNHCR’s strategy in supporting the return and reintegration of displaced populations, and the programme budget for the coming year.

Pledging conference

In 2001, the General Assembly established the “Ad Hoc Committee of the General Assembly for the announcement of voluntary contributions to the Programme of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees” (Pledging conference) to allow Member States to pledge contributions to UNHCR (A/RES/55/75).

At the Pledging conference, usually held in December, the High Commissioner asks donors for support to ensure protection, assistance and the search for solutions for people of concern to his Office in the upcoming year, as outlined in the Global Appeal. The outcome of the Pledging conference provides UNHCR with an important indication of the level of funding it will have to start activities in the next year, as well as of the resources likely to become available over the course of the year.  

Historical documents

Sub-Committee of the Whole on International Protection (SCIP) - SCIP was replaced by the Standing Committee in 1995.