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In 2020, there were 1,566 applications for international protection in Ireland, a decreasing number as 4,781 applications were registered in 2019.

UNHCR has had a continuous presence in Ireland since 1998. We work to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees, asylum-seekers, and stateless persons by providing guidance, training, and support to the authorities and promoting the best international standards in legislation, policy, and procedures. We also provide, in some instances, assistance, support and advice to individual refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless persons and people working on their behalf.

The Irish Refugee Resettlement Programme has been in operation since 2000. The Irish government runs it in collaboration with UNHCR. Under the Programme, refugees who cannot go home - because of continued war or fear of persecution - and live in unsafe situations or have specific needs may be resettled.

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For information about our work in Ireland:


Are you a refugee or asylum-seeker in Ireland? Find information about your rights and available services on our HELP site.

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Ireland website

Visit the UNHCR Ireland website for more information on our work in the area and the latest local news and stories.

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Legislation and guidance

For legislation, case law and UNHCR policy relating to claims for international protection, visit Refworld.

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