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UNHCR praises Austrian, German leadership and civil society response

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UNHCR praises Austrian, German leadership and civil society response

UNHCR praises Austrian, German Leadership and Civil Society Response
5 September 2015

UNHCR welcomes the decision of Austria and Germany to receive thousands of refugees and migrants who crossed the border last night from Hungary. This is political leadership based on humanitarian values.

UNHCR also praises the civil society groups and individuals of Austria and Germany who are mobilizing in large numbers to welcome and provide aid to people as they enter. All over Europe, UNHCR is witnessing a remarkable outpouring of public response, including from faith-based organizations, NGOs and individuals, in many cases driving governments to change policies and rhetoric.

However, the current concentration of refugees and migrants in a small number of countries willing to receive them is not a sustainable solution. There is clearly an urgent need to put in place an emergency plan to manage the refugee crisis. The High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, us putting forward concrete proposals to respond ahead of key meetings of European leaders. They are outlined here:


  • Melissa Fleming (in Vienna): +41 79 555 9122