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World Refugee Day 2004 National Activity Plan: Guinea

World Refugee Day 2004 National Activity Plan: Guinea

20 June 2004


In Kissidougou, an exhibition of products made by refugee women in UNHCR-funded skills training projects will be held from 20-24 June to promote public awareness about the importance of rehabilitating survivors of violence.

From 16-20 June, UNHCR will organise various events in the refugee camps.

A contest of drawings, paintings and poems will be organised for young refugees. Working sessions will be held with circumcision practitioners in order to address the issue of female genital mutilation in the refugee community.
Focus group discussions, sketches, songs and speeches will denounce gender-based violence within the refugee community.

There will be an exhibition of various articles by young refugees, followed by sketches, songs and speeches on the importance of girls' education.
A Canadian circus will present a programme on HIV/AIDS. UNHCR will also organise theatre plays, songs, speeches and focus group discussions to promote HIV/AIDS awareness among refugees.

In Nzérékoré, UNHCR will organise conferences on the conditions of voluntary repatriation from 20-24 June. UNHCR's policy on the repatriation of Liberians will be explained in Laine, Kola and Kouankan refugee camps, in schools and in the community.

A week before and after 20 June, an evening drama on the Accra Peace Agreement will be broadcast by Radio Rural, using "Talking Drums" cassettes.

On 18 June, a conference and an information campaign will be held on peace, conflict management and resolution.

On 20 June, UNHCR's World Refugee Day films will be broadcast in the community centres of refugee camps in Nzérékoré. A peace parade from Guinean villages to refugee camps will be organised on the same day.

On 19-20 June, Right to Play will set up various outdoor events including traditional and cultural performances as well as recreational and sports activities.