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UNHCR Regional Representation for Central Europe offers internships to qualified and committed students and graduates several times a year through a specific announcement on this page. An internship normally lasts between three and six months.

Internships can take place in one of the three different units of the Regional Representation that are Programme Unit, Protection Unit and Public Information Unit. All of them are based in Budapest in the office of the Regional Representation for Central Europe. In your application, you always have to indicate the Unit where you want to be an intern, otherwise your application cannot be considered.

The work interns do depends on the requirements of each unit and the qualifications and interests. Most interns work on specific projects that will benefit both their professional development and the work of UNHCR, in fields such as legal protection, international relations, programme administration, awareness raising or public information.

Internships are offered on an on-going basis, depending on the availability of assignments and the needs and capacity of the units to receive and supervise interns.


Please note that UNHCR does not provide any financial support for interns. They are expected to cover all their living and transportation costs and have medical insurance during the internship period as well as make their arrangements for their visa and residence documentation. 

How do I send my application?

Applications should be submitted to the Regional Representation for Central Europe. The application package shall contain a completed P-11 form, a detailed CV and a motivation letter explaining your motivation to do an internship at UNHCR.