Eman Askar & Eman Sobhy

UNHCR collaborated with the blogger and Content Creator Eman Askar and Eman Sobhy on World Refugee Day 2021 to raise awareness about the plight of refugees on their social media pages.

Both created informative content and shared with their audience to let them know more about refugees in Egypt, how they live and how to support them in their daily lives.

The videos were shared on UNHCR social media accounts to show others how to support the refugee cause on social media and to advocate for refugee rights.

Sherine Arafa

Sherine is a digital creator who helps with raising awareness on refugees. She was also the host of UNHCR Cooking Show More than Just a Meal that was published during Ramadan 2020.

Faried Omarah

Faried Omarah is an Egyptian artist who owns Fariedesign Facebook page and has created an illustrative album for UNHCR to help advocate for the cause during World Refugee Day 2020.

May Yacoubi

The Chef May Yacoubi along with food bloggers tried the recipes that were cooked in More than Just a Meal to raise awareness about the cuisines of the countries of origin of refugees in Egypt.