World Refugee Day

This year, World Refugee Day focuses on solidarity with refugees – for a world where refugees are welcomed.

Refugees need our solidarity now more than ever. Solidarity means keeping our doors open, celebrating their strengths and achievements, and reflecting on the challenges they face.

Solidarity with people forced to flee also means finding solutions to their plight – ending conflicts so they can return home in safety, ensuring they have opportunities to thrive in the communities that have welcomed them, and providing countries with the resources they need to include and support refugees.

World Refugee Day poster - #WithRefugees

How can you show solidarity with refugees?

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Support young refugees to pursue higher education by donating to our Aiming Higher campaign.

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Join us on social media to help amplify the voices of refugees this World Refugee Day. Follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTikTok or Twitter.

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Discover the latest stats and trends in forced displacement globally and learn how refugees and displaced people are being impacted by the climate crisis and taking action in their communities by taking this quiz.

Stories of solidarity #WithRefugees in Egypt

In support of World Refugee Day, UNHCR Egypt undertook several initiatives and organized a number of events to mark the day shedding light on powerful refugee stories on the way.

UNHCR and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport have launched a joint initiative named “Bridge of Hope” designed to empower refugees by offering them scholarships for bachelor’s degree programs. The initiative aims to create inclusive learning environments and facilitate sustainable solutions for refugees to build a better future through education.

From Cairo to Leuven, Stephen’s journey as a South Sudan refugee embodies resilience. His pursuit of education and determination to make a positive impact inspire us all. This #WorldRefugeeDay, we honor the sacrifices refugees make for safety and a better life.

No one chooses to leave home, refugees may leave many things behind, but their resilience shines through the hardest of times. Some 500 guests came together on 12 June for UNHCR’s World Refugee Day held at Ewart Hall at the American University in Cairo, and listened to the inspirational stories of refugees who tenaciously pursued their dreams no matter the adversities.

Three stories of solidarity #WithRefugees

“We Were Here” is a Webby Award-winning documentary series produced by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and YouTube.

In support of World Refugee Day, these three short films challenge stereotypes about refugees by focusing on what unites us rather than what sets us apart. Refugees in Jordan, Germany, and Uganda collaborated with top YouTube Creators to share their powerful stories.

Bethlehem, Siona, and Miriam, whose band was on the verge of stardom when war broke out in Ukraine, spend time in the studio with UK-based music producer Jax Jones.

Bemeriki Busamwa, a refugee in Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo, shares his passion for teaching communities how to grow their own food with Welsh vegan chef Gaz Oakley.

Mohamed, a Syrian refugee and toymaker, welcomes Swedish inventor Simone Giertz into his workshop in Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan.

History and purpose of World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day shines a light on the rights, needs and dreams of refugees, helping to mobilize political will and resources so refugees can not only survive but also thrive.