El Gouna Film Festival

As the refugee crisis captures headlines globally, UNHCR believes that film is a powerful medium to present the general public with new perspectives on a subject too often misunderstood or misrepresented.

Bearing witness to the human impact of some of the world’s worst tragedies, filmmakers tell powerful stories to challenge preconceived notions about refugees. Our hope is that the power of art will touch the hearts and minds of the audience and will help people look at refugees in a new way.

Portraying refugee stories, through a variety of media outlets including documentaries, is important to UNHCR to help people understand why these people are moving.

UNHCR at the Fifth Edition of GFF 2021

Captains of Zataari

UNHCR supported the red carpet screening of the Captains of Zataari documentary at GFF, that won the Best Arab Documentary Film at the El Gouna Film Festival. The film follows the thrilling experience of two young refugee men from Zaatari camp in Jordan, who have been given the chance to attend the Aspire football training academy in Doha.

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Cinema and Social Change

UNHCR participated in a Panel Discussion titled “Cinema as an Agent for Social Change” involved film makers of humanitarian films presenting their experience and highlighting the responsibility of the cinema industry in creating social change and shedding light on the plight of refugees to raise awareness about the cause.

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Refugee Voices in Film

IEFTA and UNHCR presented the world premiere of the fifth edition of Refugee Voices in Film, that was followed by a moderated discussion which included UNHCR Representative in Egypt Pablo Mateu, Telling the Real Story Project Manager Christa OdingaProject, the Filmmaker Ragnhild Ek, and Menna Hamdy from Giraffics Animation. 

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UNHCR at the Fourth Edition of GFF 2020

UNHCR and SFSD Partnership Agreement

UNHCR and Sawiris Foundation for Social Development signed a partnership agreement to support refugee children in a networking reception, which took place at the Festival Plaza and was attended by UNHCR representative, the Board of Sawiris Foundation, in addition to celebrities.

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UNHCR and GFF Partnership Agreement

El Gouna Film Festival and UNHCR signed a cooperation agreement to raise public awareness about refugees and create a UNHCR platform within GFF to mobilize more supporters for UNHCR’s work in Egypt and worldwide. The agreement was concluded on the third day of the Festival.

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Children Matter

UNHCR and the Sawiris Foundation co-hosted a panel discussion titled ‘Children Matter: A Better Today for a Brighter Tomorrow” at the TUB Campus El Gouna. The panel was moderated by renown TV presenter Raya Abirached and featured a virtual talk with acclaimed film director and UNHCR high profile supporter Nadine Labaki.

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Stars in the Sky

In the gift bags presented to the GFF guests, there were products made by refugees and Egyptians under the “Stars in the Sky” project, which was a collaboration between ALEXBANK, Thaat Social Enterprise and UNHCR to empower 50 women who beaded brooches of some of Egypt’s most iconic late celebrities.

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Okhtein Digital Auction

The partnership between UNHCR and Okhtein was highlighted at the festival by showcasing a custom-made bag (in support of Lebanon following the explosion earlier that year) by the Egyptian luxury brand at the Plaza and invited the festival guests to scan a QR code to learn more and to engage and support refugees worldwide.

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UNHCR at the Third Edition of GFF 2019

Beyond the Raging Sea

GFF hosted the world premiere of Beyond the Raging Sea documentary, an action-adventure documentary about extraordinary journeys, harrowing ordeals and transformational discoveries.

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UNHCR & IEFTA Reception

GFF and IEFTA hosted a reception in honor of UNHCR. The event shed light on refugee voices in the industry and was attended by prominent Egyptian and Arab celebrities. 

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Refugee Voices in the Film Industry

A panel discussion titled Refugee Voices in the Film Industry brought together Arab filmmakers and UNHCR speakers to discuss the cinema industry’s role in the world’s refugee crises.

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A Recycled Dress Made by Refugees

Rosaline Elbay, an Egyptian actress, wore a recycled dress that was made by refugees during the GFF and posted about it on social media to raise awareness about the cause.

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UNHCR at the Second Edition of GFF 2018

Refugees and Their Stories Through Film

GFF hosted a Cinegouna and UNHCR panel about the representation of refugees in film titled Refugees and their Stories through Film to shed light on the refugee crisis.

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UNHCR & IEFTA Reception

IEFTA hosted a high-level reception in support of UNHCR and the refugee cause to help UNHCR access potential prominent partners and donors.

UNHCR at the First Edition of GFF 2017

UNHCR Reception

A high-level reception was hosted in support of UNHCR by IEFTA. The event was attended by more than 150 prominent member of the Egyptian society, local and regional visual arts professionals.

Refugee Voices in Film

During the festival, UNHCR collaborated for the first time with IEFTA and screened“Refugee Voices in Film,” a series of short UNHCR films and documentaries.

Social Impact through Film

UNHCR participated in a panel discussion titled “Refugee Crisis: Social Impact through Film”, during which UNHCR’s regional “Dangerous Crossings” campaign was presented.