UNHCR: Immediate solutions needed for Nauru

UNHCR is gravely concerned about allegations raised in ‘The Nauru Files’ published today by The Guardian Australia.

Although UNHCR is not able to verify the individual incidents raised by the reports, the documents released are broadly consistent with UNHCR’s longstanding and continuing concerns regarding mental health, as well as overall conditions for refugees and asylum-seekers on Nauru.

UNHCR has observed and reported a progressive deterioration of the situation of refugees and asylum-seekers on Nauru through its regular visits since 2012.

Solutions are now urgently needed.

Delays in immediate action to rectify the current situation are exacerbating human suffering and causing ongoing deterioration.

UNHCR renews its call for refugees and asylum-seekers to be immediately moved off Nauru to humane conditions with adequate support and services.