Live blog: Refugees in the COVID-19 crisis

These are some of the ways that UNHCR staff, people forced to flee and supporters around the globe are taking action to stay smart, stay safe and stay kind.

27 Mar 2020

Q&A: Access to health services is key to halting COVID-19 and saving refugee lives

UNHCR's leading public health expert says prevention and inclusion must be at the heart of the response for displaced people, especially in areas with weak health services.

27 Mar 2020

Yemen sees fresh displacement after five years of conflict

After fleeing latest fighting in country's north, Yemenis describe harrowing route to safety and dire conditions on arrival as humanitarian aid struggles to meet needs.

27 Mar 2020

Syrian refugees aid vulnerable Swiss amid COVID-19 outbreak

As the elderly and unwell self-isolate, a network of Syrians provides a vital bridge to the outside world for Swiss in greatest need.

26 Mar 2020

Mosul metalworker helps Old City neighbours after displacement

Coming back to this historic district after two long years, Saad found help to repair his house. Now he is putting his skills to work so others can return home.

25 Mar 2020

UNHCR seeks US$255 million to respond to COVID-19 outbreak

Funding is part of wider UN appeal for US$2 billion to safeguard 'millions of people who are least able to protect themselves' from the new coronavirus.

25 Mar 2020

One year on, people displaced by Cyclone Idai struggle to rebuild

Survivors in Mozambique are still trying to rebuild their lives. More assistance is needed to help them recover, and to support other countries affected by climate change.

13 Mar 2020

The coronavirus outbreak is a test of our systems, values and humanity

12 Mar 2020

Nicaraguan students forced to flee find safety, solidarity in Costa Rica

Students led anti-government protests and many have sought security abroad since a bloody crackdown began nearly two years ago.

11 Mar 2020