Private Sector Partnerships

Fundraising Channels 

The number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict reaches the highest level in recent history. Partnerships from private sector and contributions from both individual and corporate engagements are essential for UNHCR to provide life-saving support to refugees, stateless people and displaced people worldwide. 


Face-to-face fundraising

UNHCR face to face fundraising teams are committed to promote the strength and courage of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people. They work in public locations across Malaysia with branded uniform, and staff ID cards. To find out more about our face-to-face fundraising team, please click here



Our telefundraising team is ready to provide support to those who are interested in donating to UNHCR over the phone. For more information about the team, please click here.


Online Donations

You can make a donation through our secure website. To do so, please click here to visit our official online donation page. 


Islamic Philanthropy

UNHCR Malaysia ventured into Islamic Philanthropy since 2019 as a means to support refugees financially both locally and globally. Sources of funding include the distribution of Zakat, Sadaqah and Purification funds all of which are focused to help refugees have better access to get quality education,  healthcare and well-being. The initiative hopes to connect Islamic Social Financial (ISF) institutions to UNHCR operations that are eligible for these types of funds. To learn more about Islamic Philanthropy, please click here.


Private Partnerships and Philanthropy


We welcome Malaysian companies, foundations and philanthropists to foster strong partnerships to make a difference for millions of refugees, stateless people and displaced people worldwide. To learn more about some of our partnerships, please click here.



Seeing where your donations are spent

UNHCR Reporting - for all the latest updates on UNHCR's protection program for vulnerable refugee families around the world.

UNHCR is committed to using your donation as efficiently and effectively as possible to help refugees in need. We produce regular update on your donation at both global and local levels.



For all donor and fundraising related inquiries, you can reach us directly at:
Email: [email protected]
Tel    : (+603) 2773 2828