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Europe Region Quarterly Update: Education (January - March 2024)


Europe Region Quarterly Update: Education (January - March 2024)

24 April 2024

In a new quarterly thematic update, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, highlights the importance of, and advocates for, inclusive education for displaced children and youth in Europe.

The report calls attention to challenges encountered by displaced children and youth across Europe and offers recommendations for government and non-government stakeholders to undertake in ensuring sustainable access for young learners who remain out-of-school.  Additionally, UNHCR highlights key publications and showcases initiatives undertaken with partners to enhance access to learning.

Key takeaways:

  • Rapid and adequately supported inclusion of forcibly displaced children into national education systems in Europe is integral for their ability to thrive.
  • Access to host country education systems under the same conditions as local populations is foundational for stability and sustainability.
  • In-person learning is substantially more beneficial for children’s mental health and social wellbeing when compared to online learning modalities.
  • Assistance from relevant stakeholders, within host countries as well as civil-society organizations, to eliminate barriers to education for refugee children and youth is essential.

Ensuring access to education and adequate academic support is vital for displaced children and youth, which helps foster their self-reliance and their resilience. Education empowers individuals and communities, enabling future employment and economic empowerment regardless of refugee status.