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COVID-19 and GBV

Women and girls of concern to UNHCR are likely to experience distinct challenges and risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and as such the outbreak might exacerbate already existing risks of GBV. Confinement is expected to increase risks of intimate partner violence for displaced women and girls, while worsened socio-economic situation will expose refugee women and girls in particular to increased risks of sexual exploitation by community members as well as humanitarian workers. In parallel, access to regular GBV services is likely to become challenging for survivors.

As a response to the current situation, please find below a list of COVID-19-specific resources and research from other disease outbreaks from different inter-agency mechanisms, international organizations, NGOs and UN agencies. Evidence on the GBV impact of COVID-19 remains at an early stage; due to the on-going situation and the fast spread of the virus, the availability and number of resources and implications is in constant change. This list is being updated in a regular basis.

Resources on COVID-19 and/or other epidemics and GBV
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