Meet Mehrdad and Vassilis

Mehrdad and Vassilis will prepare Iranian dishes in the kitchen of Po'Boys. © UNHCR/Yorgos Kyvernitis

Mehrdad Seyfi

Mehrdad came alone from Iran more than three years ago, while the rest of his family stayed behind. In his homeland, cooking was an inherent part of his life as he worked at his father’s restaurant from the age of 17 where they prepared home-cooked meals together. He also attended cooking classes in Tehran. He specializes in kebab, which will be the main dish of his menu at Po’Boys and praises his ghormeh sabzi, a delicious tangy and citrusy herb and meat stew, served over Persian steamed rice, and often considered the national dish of Iran. Unfortunately, ghormeh sabzi is difficult to make in Greece due to the lack of one of its main ingredients. Mehrdad is a quick learner and has accumulated knowledge of other cuisines, after working together with other cooks of different origins, such as Armenian and Turkish. He hopes that he will manage to apply his rich culinary experiences and love for cooking at his own restaurant in Athens, which he says will serve an ethnic mix of Iranian, Iraqi, Afghan, Armenian, Greek, and Turkish cuisines.

Vassilis Sporos

Vassilis’ passion for cooking began in his family kitchen, which drove him to quit his finance studies in his twenties. Since then he hasn’t stopped studying, exploring, discovering, and experimenting in the world’s kitchens. His greatest dream remains the ability to taste and test different cuisines while running different thematic restaurants and he is on track to achieve it. During the last more than six years he is the chef of the multicultural restaurant Mama Roux, while he also co-owns and runs the kitchen of PO’BOYS in his effort to get the Athenian audience acquainted with the authentic Southern BBQ and the low and slow smoked meats. Now, Vassilis is eager to learn more about Persian flavours through his cooperation with Mehrdad.