Meet Barshank and Giorgos

Barshank and Giorgos discussing about what to cook at the Food Truck on World Refugee Day in Kypseli’s Municipal Market. © UNHCR/Vasileios Ntanovasilis

Barshank Haj Younes

Barshank is a modern and enthusiastic young man who came from Syria to Greece three years ago. He participated the previous two years with great success in the Refugee Food Festival in Athens and is coming back this year to commemorate with us World Refugee Day at the Kypseli Municipal Market, serving his delicious, mouth-watering Syrian specialities. Cooking is not his only passion, as he studied last year Business Communication at the American College of Greece. This year he is continuing studying English and he is also working part-time at ELIX NGO in non-formal education activities for refugee children. Meticulous with his cooking as he is with his grooming, Barshank loves to pick his ingredients himself and try new things in the kitchen.

Giorgos Glinos

Giorgos Glinos has always loved to travel. This is really evident from a first conversation with him, either about topics that seem unrelated such as managing a catering business or his close encounter with Middle Eastern countries and the ideas born during his travel with a bike at 26 touring around the Mediterranean. Following his studies in (astro)physics and telecommunications and working at various companies, he decided in 2015 that he could combine his love for travelling with his love for food through a shared vision: to create the first mobile canteen, a food truck, in the country sharing quality street food. Despite the difficulties he encountered at the beginning, he built a strong community through social media that supported him during his whole business course and hardship, thus making his Food Trucks have loyal friends and his food become a byword for light, original, and quality street food. As for his collaboration with Barshank, Giorgos feels very at ease. He is also the man who introduced the Greek audience through his Food Truck the Pontian gkezlemedes, a traditional handmade phyllo dough that we can taste in many Middle Eastern countries stuffed with various ingredients. The challenge to combine this crunchy and delicious phyllo stuffed with seasonal greens and feta cheese together with aromatic kebabs, chicken shawarma and fresh salads from Syria was accepted with great enthusiasm by the Greek-Syrian duo and we are going to relish their delicacies on World Refugee Day, 20 June, at the Municipal Market of Kypseli.