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ACPDH-The Community Association for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

We are aware that many children from particularly vulnerable groups, such as refugees, returnees, internally displaced persons and persons with disabilities are denied the right to birth registration and ipso facto the right to nationality, the right to health and the right to education are violated.

To counter this problem, in 2015, we launched a campaign to help hundreds of children and their families to access these human rights. We identified possible collaborations with the administrative authorities in charge of civil registration and together we identified challenges that returnees and IDPs are facing.

Birth registration Campaign2015 © ACPDH Burundi

In 3 years (2014-2016), ACPDH has helped 3,000 refugee and IDP children to register their births and gain access to their human rights in Bujumbura and Rumonge Provinces with the support from Disability and Development Partners and The Baring Foundation from UK.

This campaign was launched by ACPDH in Mutimbuzi commune where there are many former refugees and IDPs who have not registered their children. Our motto at this campaign was “Child birth registration is a right” as children without birth registration do not have access to education or health care.

We ACPDH plan to help more 2,000 of children from former refugee and IDP’s families to get their rights in Mutimbuzi commune-Gatumba zone with the support from DDP and The Baring Foundation from UK. For more information, look at the link below. This process was made possible through collaboration with the administrative authorities and community engagement.

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Burundi, Great Lakes Region


ACPDH-The Community Association for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights


Objective(s) being furthered:

  • Improve birth registration to prevent statelessness

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