“Ask the sun why on it´s third planet, the earth, there are human beings that have no soil to grow out of. They are Apatrides, denied of that right from others! Mandated by whom? By you sun?”

 Maria Eugenia da Silva Neto, joined Angola’s independence movement and then married Agostinho Neto, who would later become the first President of Angola.  She is an acclaimed writer, author of more than ten works of poetry and children’s literature.

She founded and chairs, since 2006, the Foundation Dr. António Agostinho Neto.

Louise Arbour

Canada - Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

“Statelessness is our collective failure. We have a responsibility to ensure human beings receive the protection and benefits…”

Kathy Calvin

United States - President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation

I believe everyone has the right to nationality and I know Eleanor Roosevelt would agree!

Guor Mading Maker

South Sudan - Track and Field Athlete

We need to create a world in which everyone can say #IBelong

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