What songs make you say #IBelong?

Our supporters Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton are releasing a radio show with a playlist of songs for the Campaign to End Statelessness. The show was recorded for a global online radio station, Radio Everyone, that will promote the new Sustainable Development Goals, also dubbed the “Global Goals”.

You can hear the songs they selected, along with their reasons for supporting the campaign, by listening to the full radio show.

Cate Blanchet and Andrew Upton Show by Radio Everyone on Mixcloud


What songs would you add? Let us know and we’ll build our own #IBelong playlist.

Tweet your song recommendation to @refugees using the hashtag #Ibelong

Cate and Andrew travelled to Lebanon earlier this year and met stateless families.

In this short clip from the show below you listen to their reasons for supporting the #IBelong campaign and also see some pictures of them with some of the families they met.

9 year old Rama thinks being stateless is unfair

All mothers want the best for their children, especially Amal from Lebanon. She got married to a stateless man and got two children, both stateless. Her daughter, Rama, thinks this is not fair. Watch this video and find out why.

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