World Refugee Day 2021

2021 World Refugee Day events in Israel include:

Kuchinate World Refugee Day 2020 Event

Organizer: EU Delegation to the State of Israel and UNHCR Israel

Location: Interdisciplinary Center – Herzliya

Dates: Monday, June 14, 13:00 -16:00

Event Description: Meeting and discussion on access to higher education and scholarships for asylum seekers and refugees. Under the IDC Herzliya special scholarship programme, 25 refugees and asylum seeker students from different African countries are currently studying there. The speakers at the event included representatives of asylum seeker and refugee students who shared their concerns and aspirations, Mr. Jonathan Davis – Vice President of External Relations and the Head of the Rafael Recanati International School, Mr. Benoit Chapas – Deputy Head of Mission, EU Delegation to the State of Israel, Mr. Joey Low – Philanthropist Initiator and Supporter of refugee and asylum seeker scholarship program at IDC Herzliyathe College , and Mr. Damtew Desslegne – UNHCR country Representative in Israel.

Photo Credit: @ UNHCR/ Sharon Harel

Kuchinate World Refugee Day 2020 Event

Organizer: Kuchinate, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Location: 104 Har Zion Blvd., Kiryat HaMelacha

Dates: Thursday, June 17th, 10:00-18:00 │Friday, June 18th, 10:00-16:00 │Saturday, June 19th, 10:00-18:00

Event Description: As part of the “Open House” Tel Aviv event, there is a chance to hear about a collective started by women refugees from Africa in an industrial space designed by the architect Yitzhak Rappaport in the 1960’s. It originally housed a number of light industries and is now occupied mostly by artists and designers. During the visit, which will include an Eritrean coffee ceremony, knitting circle and discussion, the women will talk about the collective and how it enables them to make a living from weaving baskets, giving crochet lessons, and sewing textile products out of gorgeous African fabrics. The venue also serves as a community center for them and their children as well as a source of support.

To mark World Refugee Day, a musical concert of “Baria” band who is playing traditional Eritrean music, will take place on Friday, between 11:00 – 14:00.

Photo Credit: @Michael Topyol

Organizer: The Jerusalem African Community Center (JACC)

Location: Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem

Dates: Monday, June 21, 19:00

Event Description: A special Folklore evening of Eritrean, Ethiopian and Sudanese food and music, featuring a short talk with a refugee from Sudan.