In 2014, NeeNee Productions met a group of refugees working to change the way education was delivered to children in their community of Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.

When we met this group of men they had been working for change for nearly ten years.

Watch our latest blog to learn about the steps these refugee change-makers took to reshape education in their community. Learn how they worked incrementally—with little resources and an abundance of persistence—to establish a new model for educating their youth.

Know any organizations that provide a platform for refugees to tell their own stories? Write to us at [email protected]

About NeeNee Productions

NeeNee Productions specializes in documentary film-making and video-advocacy. Our films highlight the complexities of the lives lived and dreams dreamed in this world we live in. We seek out compelling stories of individuals and communities at the margins of society, those who are underrepresented yet have lessons to teach us and stories that touch the heart. Tell your stories. Share your dreams. Notice the dreams around you. Spread the dreams we share.

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