Randa Qoudsi
Senior Community Services Assistant
Duty Station: Damascus, Syria

I am addressing the challenge of how might we enhance the partners coordination in Syria.

One of the key challenges our operation faces is the lack of coordination among UNHCR protection partners in supporting IDPs in Syria in terms of sharing information and mapping services. Lack of coordination results from the expansion of the operation to respond to the huge unmet needs on the ground and having 16 partners carrying out protection activities covering nine governorates all over the country. As one potential solution we are thinking of is to create and test an electronic newsletter where all the updates on services provided by different partners along with their geographical coverage are available in one place with links to the partners’ official web pages for more linkages.

I want to find a solution to this challenge, because it will make a difference in the service provided for the PoC, and all the other stakeholders as UNHCR and LNGOs.