Download the Green Issue of Innovation Quarterly to read about how UNHCR is innovating around the themes of energy and the environment, and other great stories about humanitarian innovation.

The articles featured in the new issue of Innovation Quarterly include:

Page 4 | A critical time for refugees and their environment (again): Andrew Harper, Head of Innovation Service at UNHCR, reflects on a 2002 article UNHCR published about refugees and their environment. He analyzes how far UNHCR has come since the original article was published and what he envisions a “green refugee camp” would look like.

Page 9 | Fighting sexual and gender-based violence through bottom-up innovation: How UNHCR crowdsourced community-based solutions to fight sexual and gender-based violence.

Page 11 | How I began manufacturing solar lights for my community: A refugee from Somalia speaks about the highs and lows of working with UNHCR’s Energy Lab on a solar light project.

Page 16 | The power of cities: How forcibly displaced populations help shape and advance the social experiment that is the city.



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