In 2013, NeeNee Productions first introduced video storytelling to a group of teenage refugee girls living in a protracted situation in Uganda’s Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. At that time, the girls collaborated in small groups, created poems, and then read their poems aloud on camera, choosing to speak in English. One group wrote a poem titled, “Opportunity”, which serves as a kind of chorus for the video. The girls’ poetry– revealing their dreams and aspirations to lead productive lives–is threaded together with images of their situation in the camp, and their sweet nervousness at being filmed for the very first time in their lives. Subtitles are not used because we want viewers to try harder to listen and understand them, and to notice their gestures, expressions, and unique mannerisms rather than words which appear on the bottom of the screen.

The names of the girls are shown in the video.

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About NeeNee Productions

NeeNee Productions specializes in documentary film-making and video-advocacy. Our films highlight the complexities of the lives lived and dreams dreamed in this world we live in. We seek out compelling stories of individuals and communities at the margins of society, those who are underrepresented yet have lessons to teach us and stories that touch the heart. Tell your stories. Share your dreams. Notice the dreams around you. Spread the dreams we share.


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