Our video storytelling mentorship in Uganda originated in 2013 in a community of ‘sisters’, a mix of refugee girls from Sudan, DRC, and Rwanda and girls from the rural village of Nalweyo. On weekends, a Ugandan filmmaker and writer, Patience Nitumwesiga, traveled from Kampala to teach and encourage the girls in a practice of understanding filmmaking.

At the beginning, Patience taught them such things as how to assemble and operate the cameras, how to use a tripod, and how to frame a scene. She also posed questions for them to consider as filmmakers. One early question she asked was: Why do you think it’s important to learn to use a video camera? 

In this second video blog from NeeNee Productions, you’ll get an intimate look at the girls as they begin to learn and use video cameras, and you’ll discover how they answered that question. 

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