World Refugee Day 2020 Blog

Message from Fillipo Grandi during the WRD2020

Bahati Ernestine , a refugee living in Kenya talks about the importance of education for refugees

UNHCR Kenya’s exciting virtual event to mark WRD2020

The Pastor, Djuna Alois, is Kenya’s hero in this video of heroes

12 year old Lorena sent a message to Nhial Deng, who shared his day at the Kakuma

To mark the World Refugee Day, Nhial Deng, a refugee from South Sudan  who lives in Kakuma Kenya, took over UNHCR Krenya’s social media accounts to share his life. Follow his take over right here

My day starts with meditation

Study time

Breakfast time!

Walk to the market

Mode of transport

Lunch time!

Refugees fighting the spread of COVID-19

Favourite activities

Leisure time

Verifying information

I love running!