Reporting Fraud

UNHCR takes any allegations of fraud very seriously. If you believe you have encountered fraud or fraudulent behavior:

Please report this immediately to UNHCR by using any of the contact details below. Please share as much information as possible, for example:

  • What happened.
  • When and where it took place.
  • Names and contact details of perpetrators.
  • Names and contact details of any other witnesses.

If you don’t feel comfortable providing this information, you can report anonymously but it will be more difficult for UNHCR to follow up.

Frequently asked questions

What if my appointment date is far away and someone offers to speed it up if I pay? 

This is fraud. Paying for an appointment will not make it come any faster but you will lose money and you will be engaging in fraud. The people making these promises are very convincing and may be your friends or others in your community.

Please report it using the contact details below.

Is fraud only about Resettlement? 

Fraud and corruption can happen whenever a person receives services or assistance for which they would not normally be entitled. This can happen in relation to registration, refugee status determination, cash-based interventions, education, or any other service provided to refugees and asylum-seekers.

Any payment or favor to receive a service is considered fraud. If services are withheld because you refuse to pay, this is corruption and should also be reported.

What is UNHCR doing about fraud?

UNHCR follows up on reports and allegations of fraud and corruption. Any refugee who attempts to commit fraud relating to his or her resettlement application may be permanently disqualified from resettlement. Examples of such fraud include: supplying false information about their background; attempting to add a person onto their case who is not a genuine member of their family; providing false information to make their case seem more serious; claiming a false identity or attempting to substitute themselves for another person; charging money to other refugees for coaching in resettlement interviews; or paying money to obtain services, including resettlement.

Anyone aware of fraud committed by a refugee, by a staff member of UNHCR, or by other organizations working in Kenya, should report this to one of the following addresses.

How can I report fraud?

  • Calling UNHCR’s 24-hour Help Line on 1517 and stating that you are reporting a fraud allegation
  • Placing a letter in the complaints and feedback box at any UNHCR office
  • Sending an email to UNHCR’s Integrity team at [email protected]
  • Sending an email to the UNHCR Representative at [email protected]
  • If you wish to report allegations of misconduct by staff of UNHCR or partners, you may confidentially contact the Office of the UNHCR Inspector General in Geneva, Switzerland by:
    Fax: +41 22 739 8844
    Telephone: +41 22 739 7380
    Email: [email protected]