The Society was established in Kuwait, in 1979, by a group of Kuwaiti Doctors to help the patients, and at that time it was a committee, under Al-Najat Charitable Society. In 2005 it became an Independent Charitable Society.

The Patients Helping Fund main objective is to assist patients who require treatment and to contribute to local and international agencies who provide financial and health assistance to those affected by disasters worldwide

As its giving grew and its achievements in health development increased in its comprehensive concept for the various segments of society, The affairs of the Charity Organization were managed by a board of directors consisting of seven members who are elected by the general assembly every two years.

So far, the Kuwait Patients Helping Fund Society contributed towards health interventions in Jordan and a grant dedicated to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.


Support to UNHCR

Project Title

Budget Year

Number of Beneficiaries

Providing health support and water supply for Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


345,000 individuals

Dedicating health interventions for Refugees in Jordan


3,885 refugees