Registration in Malta began when the resettlement program to the USA commenced. Resettlement, together with local integration and voluntary repatriation, is one of the durable solutions promoted by UNHCR.

Since 2007, UNHCR Malta has registered over six thousand individuals who have fled persecution and war.  More than two thousand six hundred individuals have been resettled to the USA, largely due to the lack of local integration prospects. Following the closure of the resettlement program in April 2017, UNHCR further strengthened its efforts to support refugees in their local integration. In light of this new situation UNHCR stepped up its work with the refugee population and the Maltese community toward a more inclusive society.

Persons with refugee status or subsidiary protection granted by the Maltese authorities may register with UNHCR Malta for integration and protection support.

How to Register

Step 1

Download the Registration Form or pick up a Registration Form from the UNHCR Office Door in 52, Mountbatten Street, Hamrun HMR 1574, Malta.

Fill in the form and attach a copy of your protection document (issued by the Office of the Refugee Commissioner) and any other documents (e.g. residence permit, course certificates, marriage document, etc.) you would like to submit to UNHCR .

Put your form and its attachments in the UNHCR letterbox or send it to UNHCR Country Office in Malta, 52, Mountbatten Street, Hamrun HMR 1574, Malta. You can also scan it and send it by e-mail to [email protected]

Please ensure that you have signed your registration form and submitted a copy of your protection document.

Step 2

Your registration form will be processed by UNHCR staff. Please note that this registration process is  only for persons of concern who are living in the community (i.e. not living in an open centre).

If you are hosted in one of the open centres, please refer to our outreach page.

UNHCR Staff will call you with an interpreter after some time to give you an appointment to complete your registration. Please ensure that you keep your appointment.

UNHCR Staff will ask you to bring the following documents to the registration session:

  • Original protection document,
  • Copy of Interview Notes from the Office of the Refugee Commissioner,
  • Copy of Application Form from the Office of the Refugee Commissioner,
  • Copy of any other document/s (such as certificates, pay slips, work contracts, etc).

Please note that UNHCR will call individuals for a registration session several times. Individuals who do not answer their phone or do not keep their registration appointment for a given registration session will not be prioritised for future registrations.

Step 3

You must complete your registration by going to meet UNHCR staff on the day of your appointment. The information you provided in your registration form will be verified with you, with the assistance of an interpreter if required.

If you do not have an appointment or do not present your original protection document, you will not be able to complete your registration.

You will be given a consent form to sign and a letter confirming that you are registered with UNHCR.

Should you need to update your information, especially your contact details, please submit a Change of Information form.

Send the form to:  UNHCR Malta, 52, Mountbatten Street, Hamrun, Malta

Remember to attach a copy of your protection certificate and any other documents you would like to submit to UNHCR (certificates, work contract, etc.).