UNHCR recommendations to Sweden on strengthening refugee protection in Sweden, Europe and globally

UNHCR provides its comments on how to strengthen refugee protection in Sweden, Europe and globally.


Sweden has made outstanding contributions to international refugee protection over the past decades, including through a well-established asylum and reception system, a long-standing commitment to refugee resettlement and comprehensive integration efforts. Within the EU, Sweden is a strong voice for greater solidarity and responsibility sharing and for fair EU asylum policies and practices in line with international standards to ensure that refugees receive the protection they deserve in Europe. Globally, Sweden has placed the protection of the forcibly displaced at the top of the international political agenda and championed the empowerment and protection of displaced women and girls.

This document sets out a number of recommendations which the Representation for Northern Europe of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has developed with a view to further strengthen refugee protection in Sweden, as well as to Sweden’s engagement in European and international fora where issues of refugee protection and asylum is being discussed. The recommendations are addressed to the Swedish Government, parliamentarians and all other relevant institutional actors and stakeholders and aim at contributing to constructive discussions on improvements of the protection and integration systems for refugees at the national, regional and international level.

You can download the recommendations here: