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Saving Newborn Lives in Refugee Situations

Saving Newborn Lives in Refugee Situations’ aims to expand coverage of high-impact interventions in refugee settings in Africa and the Middle East to ensure newborns survive and stay healthy during childbirth and beyond.

The project will establish a comprehensive newborn healthcare package, while generating training materials, tools and protocols for use in similar refugee settings globally. It will also produce a culture and context review of newborn care for refugee populations. The project contributes to improving the overall well-being of refugee newborns, children, women and families, with the ultimate goal of improving newborn survival.

Waste to Value Sanitation Solutions for Refugee Camps in East and Horn of Africa

Waste to Value Sanitation Solutions for Refugee Camps in East and Horn of Africa’ explores sanitation technologies that can better serve refugee populations in camp settings. This project aims to take the next step beyond the basic pit latrine, to validate designs for improved sanitation solutions.

The project will deliver waste-to-value sanitation technology solutions that are culturally acceptable, sustainable, and promote effective and efficient use of resources. It will include the option for production of end products to support domestic energy needs and agricultural livelihoods. The project will ultimately lead to the reduction of the suffering, morbidity and mortality and enhance the health of refugees in camp settings.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awards US$1 million to the UNHCR to support Syrian refugees