Additionally, we promote the provision of information and services that improve reproductive health, particularly for women and girls. Access to services such as emergency obstetric and neonatal care can drastically reduce the number of women who die during or after childbirth and ensure that mothers and their children enjoy a healthy life. Reproductive health education and services for young people is also important.

Tremendous progress has been made in recent years in the provision of reproductive health care and HIV services for refugees in camps, as well as urban areas. But we believe more needs to be done.

More information on HIV in humanitarian emergencies can be found at the Inter Agency Task team for HIV in Emergencies website.

HIV Lessons Learned and Field Experiences

A series of publications that document field experiences in HIV and AIDS.

Information, Education and Communication Materials

Information, education and communication materials on HIV/AIDS developed by UNHCR and its partners.

HIV and IDPs

Information on UNHCR's work in the field of HIV and iternally displaced persons.

Codes of Conduct and Good Practices

Codes of conduct from UNHCR and other organizations relating to issues of HIV/AIDS.

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