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Guinea-Bissau: fighting breaks out again

Briefing notes

Guinea-Bissau: fighting breaks out again

7 May 1999

UNHCR staff in the west African nation of Guinea-Bissau last night reported that fighting had again broken out between forces loyal to president Vieira and the military junta. Battles have restarted this morning at 6 a.m., with heavy artillery and automatic weapons fire heard in Bissau, the capital.

This morning, UNHCR staff reported that civilians could already be seen leaving Bissau. Most of the population of 300,000 had been chased from the city last year when a conflict began in June between the president's forces and those loyal to the former army chief of staff. Following political agreements that put an end to several rounds of fighting, the majority had returned.

UNHCR staff report that rebellious units in the army have this morning asked all foreigners to leave the country immediately. Several hundred west African peace keepers, charged with overseeing a transition to a new government, have also reportedly been told to quit Guinea-Bissau.

During the conflict last year, up to 400,000 people were displaced within the country. The situation of those who have returned to their homes is still very precarious and UNHCR is concerned by possible new displacements and an exodus to neighbouring countries.

Several thousand refugees fled the country last year. UNHCR is still caring for around 900 refugees in Senegal, 720 in the Gambia, 600 in Cape Verde and 1,800 in Guinea (Conakry).