UNHCR UK information and links on Afghanistan Situation

The following information is to assist persons hoping to leave Afghanistan or persons with friends or family in Afghanistan or who are forcibly displaced in the region.

Unfortunately, UNHCR is unable to assist Afghans inside Afghanistan in leaving the country and cannot answer questions about national evacuation programmes, including the UK Government’s Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) relocation plan. Details on ARAP are available on the UK Government website.

The UK Government has announced its intention to establish a resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees. The programme has not yet been established operationally. Therefore UNHCR cannot yet answer questions on the programme.

Those needing humanitarian support inside Afghanistan can refer to the UNHCR’s HELP page for the country. 

For those outside Afghanistan in need of support, UNHCR operations in affected countries are updating their HELP pages with relevant information. These sites can be accessed through the global UNHCR HELP site