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Denmark: UNHCR seeks clarification on proposed asylum law

Briefing notes

Denmark: UNHCR seeks clarification on proposed asylum law

21 January 2002

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about Denmark over the past few days. UNHCR is closely following developments in Denmark, where a wide-ranging list of government proposals, entitled "A New Policy on Foreigners", was made public last week. UNHCR is seeking an early opportunity to receive clarifications on a number of the proposals.

Among those of concern to UNHCR, we would highlight at this point: those which affect family reunification; the definition of who is entitled to protection in the country; the welfare benefits issue; and the issue of returning persons to countries declared to be "safe."

UNHCR's main concern is to see the asylum option remain a real one - in other words, accessible to refugees and within acceptable parameters - that is consistent with Denmark's long tradition of humanitarian concern for a particularly vulnerable group of people.

UNHCR hopes to continue to be able to look to Denmark as a country that leads by example, particularly within the context of the sensitive EU asylum harmonisation process due to be concluded in 2004. Denmark will be holding the EU Presidency during the second half of 2002, when negotiations on various extremely important EU Draft Directives on asylum will continue. It is with all this in mind that UNHCR is seeking early discussions with the authorities on the implications of the new proposals for refugee protection.