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Funding for Kosovo operation

Briefing notes

Funding for Kosovo operation

11 May 1999

UNHCR has spent all the cash it had available for the Kosovo emergency operation, and is asking for a new infusion of funds immediately. UNHCR had appealed for funds as part of a series of consolidated appeals issued by all UN agencies and the IOM.

UNHCR had asked for a total of $143 million for its operation on behalf of refugees and displaced from Kosovo, for the period through 30 June ($106.6 million from the special Donor Alerts and $36.4 million for Kosovo from the Consolidated Appeal issued end 1998). So far just under half of that amount, or $71 million, has been received in the form of new contributions, but it has all been spent or fully committed, together with $6 million remaining from 1998 funds. The biggest governmental donor to date is Japan ($23.1 million), followed by the USA ($8.5 million), Denmark and the Netherlands ($3.4 million each), Canada and Switzerland ($3.3 million each). Private donors in Italy have contributed the remarkable sum of $8.7 million. The High Commissioner is appealing especially to European donor countries and to the European Commission to support UNHCR's operation.