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Ingushetia: relocation of Chechens form Alina camp completed

Briefing notes

Ingushetia: relocation of Chechens form Alina camp completed

11 December 2003

The last displaced Chechens remaining in Camp A (Alina camp) in Ingushetia relocated to Camp C (Satsita camp) yesterday (Thursday).

The Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation had decided to close Alina camp, and the authorities stated that camp residents who did not wish to return to Chechnya at this stage could move to alternative accommodation in Satsita camp or in rehabilitated rooms in temporary settlements. Camp A is the third tent camp for displaced Chechens in Ingushetia to be closed in the past year.

Of the 818 displaced people who remained in Alina camp at the beginning of December, 351 people relocated to Satsita, 166 moved to temporary settlements in Ingushetia and another 75 went to stay with relatives or friends in Ingushetia. A total of 226 people returned from Alina camp to Chechnya, primarily to temporary accommodation centres, from December 1-11.

New tents were provided in Satsita camp for the displaced people relocating from Alina. UNHCR provided 41 tents for the families, and Médecins Sans Frontières (Holland) provided 30 tents. MSF Belgium and France assisted with the flooring and installation of 25 of the tents. UNHCR provided eight additional tents for school and medical facilities in the camp. While some technical problems with electricity and gas supplies occurred during the relocation, the utilities were functioning in all camps (including Alina) on December 11.

As of early December, there were nearly 70,000 displaced Chechens in Ingushetia, according to the database of UNHCR's implementing partner, the Danish Refugee Council. Some 7,900 people were sheltered in tent camps and the remainder in temporary settlements or private accommodation.