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Mr. Saharat (Kong) Sangkapricha

Singer and Actor Saharat (Kong) Sangkapricha has been supporting UNHCR since 2015.

About Saharat (Kong)

Singer and Actor Saharat (Kong) Sangkapricha has been supporting UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency since 2015. Saharat has consistently used his talents in music to demonstrate refugee courage and the work of UNHCR in Thailand.

As a leading High Profile Supporter of the Namjai (generosity) for Refugees campaign, he utilized his talent to mobilize support and make a difference to the lives of refugees, whilst inspiring other celebrities to do the same. In 2016, Saharat collaborated with his friend to compose a special song for refugees called: “Thank you from refugee camps…thank you from the hearts” about the experience of someone forced to flee their home and seek asylum, reflecting their loneliness as well as their gratitude for the support given to them. 

In 2017 and 2019, Saharat organized concerts to raise funds for refugees and the humanitarian work of UNHCR. The concerts were attended by more than 2,500 people. During the past four years of supporting UNHCR, Saharat and other celebrities have raised $390,000 for the Namjai for Refugees campaign to provide relief items in response to the basic needs of refugee families.

Saharat also helps to strengthen relationships with private sector and traditional and social media. Since 2015, his support has helped to secure positive widespread coverage from both online and offline media. Saharat has highlighted the work of UNHCR in media interviews and helped to bring attention to the global refugee crisis via his social media channels. His concerts have also inspired the private sector to become involved with humanitarian work.

In January 2016, Saharat travelled to Tak Province in Thailand to witness the frontline work of UNHCR and met with refugees in Mae La refugee camp. This visit helped Saharat to better understand the plight of refugees and increased his determination to continue his strong support. “The fast growing refugee crisis has left millions of people in limbo. They are urgently in need of protection and I will do what I can to help rebuild the lives of refugees,” said Saharat.

To read this page in Thai, please visit the UNHCR Thailand site.