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National Activity Plan 2005: France

National Activity Plan 2005: France

20 June 2005

FNAC in Place des Ternes, Paris, is hosting a week of debates surrounding World Refugee Day. © UNHCR France

  • 11 May: Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences-Po) in Paris. Special UNHCR day on Sri Lanka with conferences, exhibitions and different cultural performances.
  • 1-30 June: Sciences-Po in Paris. Photo exhibition on UNHCR presence in Sri Lanka. Paris: At Cité Universitaire, Bibliothèque d'Histoire Contemporaine of Paris X, Bâteaux-Mouches, Town Hall (13 district). Exhibition will tour Lyon (Ecole Normale Supérieure) and Luxembourg.
  • 1 June, 18h30, Paris: Official presentation of painter/photographer Titouan Lamazou's exhibition "Refugees and Displaced Persons in Africa", followed by a reception. Exhibition will tour schools throughout France.
  • 18 June, 9h00-19h00: Paris, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC). Hope Hurdles: Hurdles races to symbolize the difficulties and obstacles that refugees and asylum seekers have to face. Competitors include scholars (morning), sponsored companies (mid-day) and well-known athletes such as Stéphane Diagana, European and former world record holder of the 400m hurdles (afternoon).
  • 20 June, 6h00-20h00: Place Raoul Dautry (main entry of Montparnasse Station) Open-air exhibition on WRD 2005 and UNHCR's work around the world.
  • 20 June, 20h30, Strasbourg: Refugee Summer Course - theatre evening with "No Made In" band. Open to the public.
  • Exhibit WRD 2005 materials in schools. Events organized by the UNHCR Representation in France. For more information on these events, contact: +
  • 7-11 June: One week of debates at the FNAC in Place des Ternes, Paris. Programme for each debate includes screening of a UNHCR film and a UNHCR stand. Also, 1.5 million fundraising flyers inserted in FNAC cardholders' magazine, "Contact". Issues of debates:
  • 7 June 17h30: Management of a crisis.
  • 8 June 17h30: Humanitarian work.
  • 10 June 17h30: Tsunami, 6 months later.
  • 11 June 15h30: Exile and Creativity.

FNAC events organised by the Association UNHCR France.