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World Refugee Day 2007 National Activities: Yemen

World Refugee Day 2007 National Activities: Yemen

20 June 2007


On WRD, 25 Yemeni students from a language school in Aden took part in a roundtable discussion with the Refugee Youth Club. They had a lively debate about refugee rights and experiences, the problem of accessing higher education, and shared ideas and common concerns as young people.

On 21 June, refugee committees in Aden Basateen organized dramas and songs in the local community centre. A celebration marking WRD took place at the Cultural Centre, Ministry of Information. At least 400 people participated in Kharaz and 300 in Aden.

In Sana'a, at least 200 people participated in a WRD event, which included national songs, an exhibition of handicrafts and special commemorative messages.