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The UNHCR Innovation Fellowship is a year long learning program for UNHCR’s workforce. Over the course of the year, Innovation Fellows define a challenge unique to their field operation or divisions, and develop, test, and prototype a solution to address the challenge. They are trained in human/user-centered design and prototyping principles and are connected to internal and external support for refining their solutions. The program also aims to facilitate longer term change management as it encourages Fellows to be innovative in their current and future roles within the organization.
Innovation Fellows work in field operations around the world as well as headquarters. They represent the diversity of nationalities, skill sets, and global reach of UNHCR’s operations.

The Kick-off Workshop

Every January the UNHCR Innovation Service kicks off the year with its Innovation Fellowship programme workshop with colleagues from around the world, gathering in the bustling city of Bangkok. The Fellows take on a year of identifying challenges in the field, exploring innovative ways to improve the lives of refugees, and sharing ideas on how to facilitate innovation in UNHCR. As the world becomes increasingly complex and the needs of refugees’ increase, the Fellows are the organization’s ambassadors for innovation and lasting positive change.