UNHCR delivered the first humanitarian convoy by road to Al Hassakeh

Despite challenges, UNHCR Syria reaches thousands of people recently displaced from Ar-Raqqa through a humanitarian convoy from Aleppo to Al-Hassakeh.

QAMISHLI, Syria – UNHCR successfully completed the first humanitarian convoy to Al Hassakeh by road, following the opening of the road from Aleppo to Al Hassakeh for humanitarian assistance. This comes as part of the UNHCR response to hundreds of thousands recently displaced from Ar-Raqqa governorate.

Despite many challenges and delays, UNHCR reached Qamishli in Al-Hassakeh governorate that had been inaccessible by road for years due to the fierce conflict. The only way to deliver humanitarian assistance to Al-Hassakeh was through airlifts through Qamishly airport.

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The convoy delivered family tents, sleeping mats, high thermal blankets and jerry cans for the thousands of families fleeing the conflict in and around Ar-Raqqa city as fighting intensified in the area.

This breakthrough will be followed by several humanitarian convoys to scale up the response to the displaced families, as the delivery by road is expected to improve and increase humanitarian reach to the people in need.