Strategic Directions

UNHCR’s  Strategic  Directions  2023-2025  for  Syria,  validated  in  a  consultative  planning process, arethreefold and in line with the UN Syria Strategic Framework for the Syrian Arab Republic 2022-2024.

UNHCR’s 2024 strategic directions in Syria are:

Maintain emergency preparedness and response capacity: UNHCR will preserve its readiness to respond to new emergencies, especially those that result in the displacement of people. In addition, the Office will be prepared to scale up cross-line assistance.

Enhance refugee protection, inclusion, and solutions: UNHCR will step up its involvement and engagement on refugee protection, enhance their inclusion into services and assistance provided by other actors (such as livelihoods support) and advocate for solutions.

Support solutions:  UNHCR will further enhance its engagement with partners to strengthen the resilience of communities, including IDPs and those who have spontaneously returned.